Saturday, April 23, 2016

Would we have done what Nicole did?

It happened in Apple Valley, Minnesota, on a day when the thermometer read 10 degrees and there was a freezing wind. Nicole Marie Heintz was at a service station filling her car with gas when she noticed a man at a nearby pump. He was wearing flip-flops and seemed to be crying. In his car, she saw his wife in the front seat with her face in her hands and two teenage girls crowded under a blanket in the back seat. Without hesitating, she asked him, "is something the matter?" He didn't try to hide his tears when he said, "I can't provide for my family." She told him "Jesus Christ the son of God died to provide for you," and then she backed up her claim by buying his gas.

His wife came around the car to ask her husband what's going on, and he told her "this lady just paid for our gas." She started crying and came round to shake Nicole's hand, and she was dressed in dirty old clothes. Nicole asked her to come to her car and pick from a pile of clothes she was about to give to charity. The lady RAN back to her car and got her teenage daughters. "They were digging through my clothes, layering my sweatshirts and sweatpants over the worn clothes they were wearing. This attracted a little crowd. An older man gave the family a gift card. Another man gave his jacket to the father. They all were complete strangers. Nicole said, "It gives me hope. The love of God can be so contagious!"

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