Monday, April 18, 2016

A birthday gift she'll never forget

"Police are people too," says Bloomington, IN, police Sergeant Brandon Lopossa. "It's rewarding to see people happy." That's why, as reported in the Herald-Times, he secretly agreed to pull over Abigail Guthrie as she drove to her 17th birthday party recently. Abigail's parents were passengers in the car, and had arranged in advance for Sgt. Lopossa to flash his lights and pull her over for an alleged turn signal violation.

                                                                                                                     Troy Guthrie / YouTube
She'd had her driver's license for about a year, and this was her first "offense." Her Dad warned her that their insurance rates would go up if she got a ticket. That's when Sgt. Lopossa returned to the car and presented a ticket, but it had no court date. It was the birthday gift she dreamed about for months -- a ticket to an upcoming Justin Bieber concert in Louisville, KY. It almost made her cry with joy. Abigail's Dad secretly taped the entire episode and uploaded it to YouTube. To see Abigail's reaction, visit

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