Thursday, April 14, 2016

"I just realize God..."

Legendary screen and TV star Doris Day celebrated her 92nd birthday on April 3 by catering a dinner for a dozen of her closest friends. Even though she's been retired from show business for many years, she still gets film offers, and still has her well-remembered bubbly personality.

Born into a Catholic family Doris Kapppelhoff grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio. She says she never felt a deep connection with religion until her second husband introduced her to Christian Science, after which she gave up excessive smoking and drinking. She says her new faith "brought spirituality into my life that would sustain me through some very dark times. I'd been thinking that I should be happier than I am...One ought to be able to control one's thinking instead of having depressions...I didn't want that kind of life but I didn't know how to change it." Moving away from more fundamental Christian Science beliefs later in life, she did periodically seek medical treatment, but her relationship with her religion has remained important to her. "I don't have to seek God," she says. "I don't pray. I just realize God."

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