Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Policeman cheers up homeless child

It happened on Wednesday, March 16. Huntington Beach, CA, police officer Scott Marsh spotted what appeared to be a suspicious car parked in a lot at Cross Park. Investigating, he discovered the car was "home" to a young homeless mother and her 11-year-old daughter. As Marsh interviewed the mother to help arrange housing for her, Officer Zach Pricer focused on the homeless child. He knew a police officer can seem scary to an 11-year-old, so he decided to gain her trust by teaching her to play hopscotch, or as he calls it, copscotch. She had never played it before.

                                                                                 Huntington Beach Police Department
Pricer's partner shot a video of the encounter and uploaded it to the police department Facebook page where it's been viewed nearly a million times, receiving thousands of positive comments. "I had to check the child's welfare, so I had to earn her trust and get her comfortable with me first," Pricer said. Once he got her to open up, he was amazed by her happy-go-lucky attitude. "Despite having nearly nothing, she was offering me everything she had to play with. It was amazing to see how thankful she was for what she did have. She was very gracious."

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