Saturday, April 9, 2016

Lifeguard feels "a wave of strength"

Mary Stewart, shown below, is studying to become a nurse. In addition, she's a runner, a surfer, and a lifeguard supervisor with the Galveston Island (Texas) Beach Patrol. While patrolling the beach on March 26, she saw five swimmers who were too far out in the choppy water to swim back.

                                                                                                                             KHOU News
She and a fellow lifeguard brought three of them to safety, but the remaining man and boy panicked and were terrified and almost drowning when she reached them. They began to overpower her, and she had to fight to stay in control. She says she then experienced "a wave of strength." She kept telling them not to give up, because no life is worth giving up on. She was determined not to fail them, and when another lifeguard came to her aid, each swimmer was assisted safely to shore. She said the rescue taught her, "don't give up on yourself or anyone else, because in the end its worth it. I'm thankful I can be here to share my story."

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