Friday, April 15, 2016

A real slam-dunk moment

The Metro Deaf School in St. Paul, MN, could not afford a cafeteria. Meals were catered, and students sat at their desks to eat lunch. But that all changed this year, when Zach LaVine, a guard on the Minnesota Timberwolves, won the NBA's Slam Dunk Contest for the second time. He admits, "The biggest part for me growing up was interacting with kids during lunch time and recess, and he'd taken American Sign Language classes in high school and college, and he decided to use $10,000 of his Slam Dunk winnings to build a cafeteria at the Metro Deaf School, so students would have someplace to "hang out with each other."

But Zach didn't just mail a check to the school. He actually showed up in person on opening day to serve lunch to the students who were amazed to discover their cafeteria hero also knew sign language. When the kids started telling each other, "He knows how to sign!" it was a slam-dunk moment for everyone.

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