Monday, April 4, 2016

Father and daughter pray together

Rihanna Tillett, age 6, is growing up in rural Orleans, Indiana, where her Dad, Jeff Tillett, is a reserve police officer. One evening recently, Jeff was suiting up for work when Rihanna put on her own smaller version of a police uniform so she could go with him. She didn't expect to join him on the job, but she just wanted to "be like Dad." Jeff and his wife Korisha have talked with Rihanna about the dangers of police work. The little girl knows bad things can happen, but she understands that if her Dad leaves this world before she does, God promises they will be reunited in heaven. So before he went to work this evening, they prayed together. Korisha snapped their photo and uploaded it to Facebook where it garnered 46,000 shares and 188,000 likes.

Jeff Tillett says his family is a praying family. They pray together so that, no matter what happens, Christ will find them worthy to be together eternally. In this picture, he and Rihanna asked the Lord to protect him and everyone he encounters, so that all may go home safe, because all lives matter.

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