Wednesday, April 13, 2016

If life gives you lemons...

When Mikaila (shown below) was only four, her family encouraged her to make a product for a children's business fair. She had some ideas, but two things suddenly happened. She was stung by a bee, and her great-grandmother sent a 1940's cookbook with a special recipe for flaxseed lemonade. Mikaila decided to learn more about helping bees, and use her family recipe to make and sell lemonade containing Texas wildflower honey, flaxseed and mint.

She started a small lemonade stand, donating a portion of her profits to organizations devoted to saving honeybees. Her motto was, "Buy a Bottle...Save a Bee." Since then, her lemonade has become so popular that it's now available at Whole Foods Market and a growing number of restaurants. Today, at the ripe old age of 11, she leads workshops on how to save honeybees. If you'd like to buy a bottle and save a bee, visit her Web site,

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