Saturday, April 16, 2016

"The good Lord put us there....."

Leonard Wallace and his wife Rosemary caught their limit recently while fishing for brook trout in Fox Pond in Hancock County, Maine. They caught a mother and two children. They'd only been fishing at the remote site 15 minutes when a woman (whose name was not released) failed to negotiate a sharp curve on Rt. 182, sending her car over the bank and into the pond, where it sank. It went right over Leonard's head, and when his wife yelled that there were children in the car, he put down his fishing pole, jumped into the 48 degree water, opened the car door and pulled the victims to shore.

                                                                                                      Maine State Police / Facebook
"We got them in our car where it was warm, and bundled them up," he said. Police later reported the mother and both children are doing fine. State troopers noted there is no cell phone reception at Fox Pond and the sunken car would not have been seen by passing motorists. Had the couple not been fishing in that spot that day, police believe the story could have turned tragic. How does Leonard feel about the coincidence? "It just happened to be that the good Lord put us there fishing," he said.

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