Thursday, April 28, 2016

9-year-old raises money for his own adoption

Donnie and Jimmy Davis of Springfield, MO, have been Tristan Jacobson's legal guardians since he was five, but never had enough disposable income to pay adoption fees and make him their "real" son. They started an online fundraising account, but it only attracted $60, so they decided to save by cutting costs. Donnie stopped getting her hair and nails done. They switched to prepaid cell phones. Finally they held a yard sale, getting rid of anything they didn't need. Tristan wanted to help, so he sold lemonade. A local paper did a story about his lemonade stand. So did a TV station.

                                                                         Andrew Jansen/Springfield News-Leader, via AP
On the weekend of the yard sale, more than 600 people appeared. One couple drove over two hours. Tristan's lemonade only cost $1 a glass, but many customers paid $20. By day's end, the family had earned $6,500, mostly from lemonade sales. It's more than enough to pay for Tristan's adoption. And the online fundraising page that was stuck at $60? It grew to $11,374. Tristan really wanted to be adopted, and he's thrilled.

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