Sunday, April 17, 2016

Today's crumb from a reader in Canada

Mark Landry is homeless. He lives in Montreal, Canada, and he's played the violin since he was 17. He has no home, but he earns a modest income by playing his violin in the Montreal Metro transit system. While he was sleeping one recent night, someone stole his violin. His instrument was gone, but not his faith. He said he knew, "God's gonna give me a new one."

Landry made a hand-lettered sign saying his violin was stolen, and held it as he sat silently where he usually played. Someone put his photo on Facebook, and when they saw it, the members of Orchestre Metropolitain got in touch with a local violin shop and bought him a new one. They hand delivered the new Gewa violin with a new case and bow to Landry on April 12, and his first words were, "God bless you."

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