Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The best day of this step-Dad's life

Brittany and Jeremy Peck were married this month at an outdoor ceremony in Elyria, OH. As usual, the bride's mother was seated in the front row, along with Todd Cendrosky, Brittany's step-Dad since she was seven years old. Everyone waited for the bride, and finally she appeared, riding in a golf cart driven by her Dad, Todd Bachman, who stayed involved in her daily life after her Mom remarried. As Brittany grew up, the two Todds didn't always agree, but when it was time for the wedding march, Bachman suddenly stopped the ceremony, went to where Cendrosky was sitting, and asked him to help walk Brittany down the aisle. Why did he share this honor?  "He has been as much a part of her life as me," Bachman said later.
                                                           Dad, Bride and step-Dad

Bachman tipped off wedding photographer Delia Blackburn ahead of time, so she could capture the moment. "Everybody was shocked, silent and crying," Blackburn said later. "There wasn't a dry eye in the place. Even I was crying."

Afterward, Blackburn uploaded the photo onto social media, where it got almost 700,000 "likes" on Facebook and had over 300,000 "shares." Later, step-Dad Cendrosky admitted he always wanted to walk a daughter down the aisle. He said, "When Todd grabbed my hand, that was the best day of my life."

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