Saturday, September 26, 2015

94-year-old finally completes her bucket list

Shirley Batchelder is the life of the party at Steeple Chase Manor Retirement in Franklin, TN. After 94 healthy years, including 57 with her late husband who she still describes as "handsome as can be," she's had a "happy life" and had only one item left on her bucket list. For years, she's wanted to buy a 5-second long commercial on TV to send a powerful three-word message. But even five seconds of TV time costs money, so she's been saving for it.

                                                                    Shirley Batchelder        Courtesy Photo

When she called Nashville's WSMV about buying five seconds of time, they decided to do a story about her instead, and give her lots of time to share her message. Shirley can't think of any more important three words to share, "because sometimes we all need reminding that we're in this together." And according to WSMV, she is now quite happy that her bucket list is empty. Here's what she wanted to put on everyone's TV.

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