Monday, September 14, 2015

A picture from her heart

Stephanie Summers was five months pregnant when her husband, 28-year-old paramedic Taurean Summers, was killed in a plane crash while escorting a patient to a hospital. After giving birth to her son, also named Taurean after his Dad, she wanted to honor her late husband. She called Phoenix photographer Laura Gordillo, who had photographed the couple earlier on their anniversary. Could Stephanie pose in the same locations again, but this time with her son? Laura was glad to oblige, and new photos were beautiful. Then Laura had an idea.
                                                                                                               Laura Gordillo Photography
Since the new and old photos were taken at the same locations, she transposed a picture taken during the paramedic's first photo shoot with his wife onto a new one When Stephanie saw the picture, she started to cry. She knew her late husband would have loved little Taurea, but she never thought she'd have a "family photo" to show the boy.  Laura told her the picture signifies that the child's Dad "is and will always be by your side, just like in this picture."

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