Sunday, September 27, 2015

Persistant Mom retrieves her son's last selfie

Skyler Powell of Landrum, SC,  died in January when he lost control of his car on his way to school. His Mom, Tammy Taylor, knew he had his iPhone with him, but after the accident it was never found. She was tempted to believe she'd never have anymore pictures of him, but she resisted that temptation, and returned to the crash site more than 30 times to search for his missing phone.
Eight months went by, but Skyler's Mom never gave up, and finally she noticed the sun shining on a tiny piece of plastic in the ground. The iPhone was buried in dirt, but Tammy dug it up and started dancing and shouting, "Thank you, God. I needed that!" She took it to the busy Apple store where a kind employee took the time to clean it up and install a new battery. This allowed her to see her son's last selfie, taken three days before he died. "It's very dear to my heart," she says.

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