Friday, September 25, 2015

The profound mood-altering power of music

There's a 162-mile highway in southwest England called the M5. On Saturday, September 12, it became the world's biggest parking lot. A vehicle carrying six horses broke down near the town of Taunton, and one of the horses escaped, causing total gridlock. Most frustrated drivers and passengers just sat and fumed, but one car was carrying a professional string quartet returning from a wedding. They decided to get out and play Pachabel's "Canon" on the roadside.
                                                                                                            Daily Picks and Flicks/YouTube
Anger gave way to joy as nearby motorists recorded the performance on their smart phones. When the music ended, drivers applauded enthusiastically. Violinist Lu Jeffery told The Telegraph, "We have played some of the most incredible concert venues globally, and then one afternoon you play the M5 and it all goes crazy." Fortunately, Helen Delingpole, a motorist from Wales, recorded the entire 5-minute performance on her camera, and you can see it at

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