Monday, September 21, 2015

Driving with an expired binky?

When two-year-old Jaxon Arbuckle moved to Louisville, KY, a few months ago, he was afraid of sirens, but he's grown to love them. So naturally he was thrilled recently while driving his favorite Little Tykes car down the street to be pulled over by a real police car, with lights flashing! "He looked up at me like I was some kind of Transformer," said officer Bill Mayo. "He just kept smiling."

                                                                                             Ashley Crawford/Facebook
Jaxon didn't know his Mom, Ashley Crawford, had planned the event. She saw officer Mayo earlier and asked if he'd mind pulling her son over while she took photos. Mayo agreed, since he has a son about Jaxon's age. Mayo spent 20 minutes with Jaxon. They played hide-and-seek and exchanged high-fives and hugs. Crawford said Mayo went "above and beyond just so my son would smile." Jaxon now knows police are people you turn to for help. "In a child's world, make believe is what it's all about," Mayo explained. "I'm just a big kid..."

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