Thursday, September 10, 2015

Another Chicago police incident

Chicago Police Sergeant B. Hagarty went to a Chipotle restaurant for lunch recently and was about to order when he glanced out the window and saw a homeless man rooting through bins in search of food scraps. Hagarty didn't know Rachel Mitchell was watching and taking pictures as he tapped the window to get the homeless man's attention and waved him inside. Hagarty offered to buy him whatever lunch he wanted. They waited in line together, and then shook hands before going their separate ways. Here's a photo Rachel posted on Facebook where she described the incident.

Later the police department uploaded the photo to its own Web site and praised Hagarty for his action. According to a police spokesman, "He did not think he had done anything out of the ordinary. He did not want to brag about what he had done. He will retire before the end of the year and be missed." One Facebook user replied, "Many officers do hidden gestures on a daily basis. You just happened to see this one. May God grant him safe tours until the end of his watch."

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