Tuesday, September 22, 2015

There are no such words as "I can't."

Eight-year-old Bailey Matthews of Nottinghamshire, England, has cerebral palsy. But in spite of that, he finished the children's Castle Howard Triathlon in North Yorkshire last summer. The event included a 100-meter swim, a 4,000 meter bike ride and a 1,300 meter run. One parent is allowed to help young competitors in the race. Bailey's Dad built him a green, four-wheel walking frame so he could compete, explaining that "The majority of what he does is self-propelled."

                                                                                  Photo by Ross Parry / SWNS Group
When Bailey neared the final stretch, hundreds of spectators had gathered to cheer his incredible achievement. The crowd was so supportive that Bailey decided to abandon his walking frame and run the final 20 meters unassisted. He stumbled twice, but crossed the finish line with pride.

"That was his way of finishing in style and showing everyone what he could do," said his Mom, who believes "the response from the crowd pushed him to do that." She told the Yorkshire Post, "We've always tried to make sure that if there is something he wants to do, there are no such words as 'I can't.'"

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