Friday, September 18, 2015

Does your kindergarten teacher remember you fondly?

Lorly Schik started teaching kindergarten in the little town of Perham, MN, in the 1940s. After retiring in 1989, she remained in Perham 25 more years until she needed to be nearer her family. In 2013 she left her long-time home for an independent living senior center in St. Paul, and that's when she got a surprise. One evening while watching the evening news on TV, she recognized the anchorman! He was little Cory Hepola, from her 1987 kindergarten class. She sent a note to his parents back in Perham, saying how proud she was of Cory. "Tell him his K teacher is now 90 years old and enjoys his newscast," she wrote.

                                                                                           Cory and Mrs. Schik                KARE-TV, Minneapolis

When his parents showed Cory the note, he wrote back to Mrs. Schik, telling her how much she meant to him, and asking if she'd like to meet him again. Of course she said yes, and their very touching reunion was filmed for TV. It shows why the best teachers teach. To watch it, visit /

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