Monday, March 28, 2016

Was little girl's grandpa her guardian angel?

On March 16, 34-year-old Tracy Anderwald of Portland, TX, and her five-year-old daughter Allison were playing Marco Polo in a backyard pool when Tracy suddenly blacked out and sank four feet down to the pool floor. Home surveillance footage shows what happened next. When Allison realized her Mom had been underwater too long, she pulled her limp body to the shallow end of the pool and turned her over so her face was out of the water. Then she ran to tell her aunt,  Tedra Hunt, what happened. Tedra called 911, and Tracy was taken unconscious to a hospital in Corpus Christi.

                                                                                                         Courtesy of Tracy Anderwald
Doctors said Tracy would not be alive if she was not pulled from the water. They had low expectations for her recovery, but on March 19 Tracy woke up and was released after a few tests. Tracy and Tedra lost their dad two years ago, and Tedra believes he was a "guardian angel," guiding little Allison to save her Mom's life. "It was truly amazing that this little girl, who is pretty small for her age, was able to save my sister," Tedra said.

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