Thursday, March 3, 2016

Domestic violence victim receives kindness

April Casey is fleeing domestic violence, and the stress is blamed for a physical ailment which keeps her away from her job at a pizzeria. She has two sons, Skyler, 4, and 14-month old Ethan. Doctors say she may not work again for six months, but she needs money to pay for rent and bills and diapers, and no one is helping her. So last month she tried to raise a few dollars by taking her children and a box of their toys to the corner of 67th Avenue and Northern in Glendale, AZ. She spread the toys on the grass, hoping to sell them while her children played. But before she sold anything, Glendale police sergeant Jeff Turney pulled up. He explained that it was too dangerous for her boys to play near the curb, and she could not sell toys there. She expected a ticket, or maybe worse, but instead he asked why she was selling her children's toys.

Then he took her and her boys to a nearby store where he bought them diapers and wipes. "She didn't want anything but things for the kids," he said. "I practically had to force her back to the grocery section to get food for herself." Before leaving, Sgt. Turney gave the boys junior police badges and a hug. April called his kindness "amazing, and I will be forever grateful." If you'd like to help April or see her recall his kindness on local television, visit

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