Monday, March 14, 2016

Dad did what he was supposed to do

Mindy and Rob Seay of Anchorage, AL, were expecting their third child, a boy named Lincoln. Even before he was born they knew he had a heart defect, and within three months after birth he needed a heart transplant to survive. Mindy spent every minute with Lincoln, while Rob kept everyone positive. "I refused to let my family suffer," he said, as he left his job and moved his entire family close to Seattle Children's Hospital. He enrolled the two older boys in school, did the shopping, cooking, cleaning and laundry and made sure his children were okay emotionally. "They needed to know they could talk to me about anything," he said. Baby Lincoln was in the hospital when a new heart became available. But as he was prepped for the transplant, he died. The doctors refused to give up, opening his chest and connecting a heart bypass machine. By finishing this two hour task in only 12 minutes, they brought Lincoln back to life. A few hours later he received a new heart, and when he awoke he was a happy baby, full of energy and joy, as you can see.

So who were the heroes in this story? The doctors who never gave up? The mother who never left her baby's side? The baby who endured so much? They were all heroes, but the first person Mindy thinks of is her husband. "I could not imagine getting through this without Rob's support," she said. "He gives his all to our family and he often sacrifices his own needs to take care of ours." And what does Rob say?"That's what I'm supposed to do."

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