Thursday, March 31, 2016

Meet Internet grandfather, "Sad Pawpaw"

Have you met the Internet's adopted grandfather, Kenneth Harmon, a.k.a. "Sad Pawpaw?" He became famous after his granddaughter, Kelsey Harmon, tweeted this photo of him munching a burger at his home in Dibble, Oklahoma. He'd grilled 12 burgers for all six of his grandchildren, but none showed up for supper except Kelsey, a student at Northwestern State University.

The tweet went viral. One reader replied, "I'd give anything to have a burger with my grandfather again," and ten days later a massive, public cookout was held in Harmon's honor. Folks came from Pennsylvania, Virginia, New York, California and Germany. Guests could buy a burger for $2 and a souvenir T-shirt reading "I ate a burger with Sad PawPaw" for $16. Money raised will cover cookout expenses, and anything extra will be given to PawPaw to use as he sees fit. BTW, he's not sad anymore.

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