Saturday, March 5, 2016

Bet you never did this in first grade

Jennifer Lai, 27, teaches first grade at Global Education Academy in Los Angeles, CA. Sam Nalbandian, 28, has been her boyfriend for three years. Last month he decided to pop the question. One school day while Jennifer was out of the classroom meeting another teacher, he and her sister came to school and told her students what was about to happen. When Jennifer returned to class, the kids were unusually quiet. Her sister asked her to sit down and watch a kid-friendly movie about her friendship with Sam. When the movie ended, all 20 boys and girls quietly lined up and held a letter of the alphabet. What did it spell?

                                                                                                         Courtesy of Jennifer Lai
That's when Sam entered the room with flowers and kneeled on one knee in front of Jennifer. The kids cheered when she said "yes," but most covered their eyes when the couple kissed. "It was a complete shock," said Lai, but that wasn't her only surprise. "I'm also really impressed that none of the kids blabbed. When I've told them secrets in the past, they're running around the room telling everyone 30 seconds later."

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