Friday, March 18, 2016

Award winning Palestinian West Bank school teacher

As reported by The Christian Science Monitor and other media, Hanan al-Hroub won the $1 million Global Teacher Prize on March 13. She teaches at the Samiha Hhalil High School in the Palestinian West Bank city of Al-Bireh. She was honored for teaching students how to learn, regardless of violence all around them. And the lessons she teaches came from personal experience.

As a young girl in a Palestinian refugee camp, she was often exposed to violence, and when she saw how violence later affected her own children, she earned a teaching degree. The trauma of being shot at on the way to school caused her children's grades to fall, so she invented games which restored their self-confidence and also their grades. She explains that "A child will mature quickly here. I must deal with their personalities that were created because of their environments. I tell all teachers, whether they are Palestinian or around the world, our job is humane. Our goals are noble. We must teach our children that the only weapon is knowledge."

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