Sunday, March 27, 2016

Today's crumb comes from Toronto, Canada

Kurt Haupt, 81, of Toronto, Canada, had no family and very few friends. His best buddy was Dacky, the longhaired mini dachshund shown here. Dacky was the old man's constant companion until March 9, when the pup was mauled to death by four unleashed dogs in Centennial Park. Haupt said as soon as he saw the four Italian mastiffs grab Dacky, he knew his pet was dead.

The man who owned the attack dogs has been arrested, and five dogs were taken from him, but that was cold comfort for Haupt until a complete stranger who also lives in Toronto, Sue Dunstan, heard about his loss. She decided to help by creating a GOFUNDME page asking for sympathy cards and $3,000 to pay Dacky's vet bills and provide a donation to the Ontario Veterinary College in Dacky's name. When the page surpassed its goal, she asked people to keep sending Haupt sympathy cards since he does not have email or Internet. Since then, he has received hundreds of loving cards and one new friend, Sue Dunstan, who calls him and visits him regularly. Haupt thinks he may adopt a senior dog in the future. "With a new dog," he says, "maybe it would be a brand new beginning."

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