Sunday, March 20, 2016

Trains stop for parakeet

Today's crumb comes from Brisbane, Australia, where three teenage girls were leaving suburban Chelmer railroad station when one of the trio's pet parakeet escaped and flew onto the tracks. Instead of jumping down to the tracks to catch the bird, they hurried back to the station where officials suspended train service and alerted the driver of an incoming locomotive.

                                                                                                                Duncan Smith / Photodisc
He stopped the locomotive a few feet in front of the parakeet and then walked forward to rescue the bird and return it to the girls on the platform.  Station officials commended the girls for "not fluttering about," and following appropriate steps to stay off the tracks and report the incident, which meant they were able to safely stop trains for a short time and save and collect the parakeet. Queensland Rail posted surveillance footage of the rescue to Facebook, and it has gone viral. If you'd like to see the 90-second video, visit

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