Tuesday, February 9, 2016

One good deed deserves 1,000 more

Today's Crumb comes from a faithful reader in Canada, where an ill-clad teenage boy recently spent a frigid day on the streets of Montreal, begging for money as part of a social experiment to see how passersby would react. Filmed by his brother, the teen watched helplessly as people ignored him. Then a homeless man named Putulik Qumaq walked over and gave the teen the coat of his back to warm him up. Qumaq is homeless and has lived 17 years on the streets of Montreal. The video of his kind need went viral, and was eventually seen by Scott Vyse, a managing partner of a Canadian construction company called Northern Mat and Bridge.

Noticing that the unselfish homeless man was wearing a warm woolen cap with a Northern Mat and Bridge logo, Vyse decided to pay Qumaq's generosity forward. His firm is providing 1,000 warm woolen caps to people in homeless centers in Montreal, Calgary and Edmonton. Qumaq is thankful for the good that came out of his kind gesture. "I hope this message I gave will be recognized more to help others," he said.

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