Thursday, February 25, 2016

Amish man runs away from sin

A few years ago, Leroy Stolzfus, 22, got involved with "some stuff" he shouldn't have. He is Amish, and his brother suggested he start running whenever he felt tempted to sin. At first he ran two or three miles and thought, "Wow, this is hard!" but he kept training and ran his first full marathon in 2012.

                                                                          Photo by Daniel Zampogna/PENNLIVE.COM/ap
Recently, Stolzfus, who lives in Gordonville, PA, ran the 22.6 mile Harrisburg Marathon in traditional Amish clothing, including a long-sleeve button-down shirt, slacks and suspenders. He crossed the finish line after three hours, five minutes and 45 seconds. That's less than one minute short of qualifying for the Boston Marathon at his age. He does not blame his Amish attire for slowing him down. He believes long-distance running is "20 percent training and 80 percent mental." He feels running is not about breaking records. He says running has greatly improved his life, adding that "Life is a lot better for me now."

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