Saturday, February 13, 2016

A crumb of love for Valentine's Day

Vee Nguyen, 19, is a senior at Everett High School in Lansing, Michigan. Two years ago, she met then-freshman Ben Davis as part of the school's Navigator's program, connecting special needs students with a student mentor. Ben has a condition which makes it hard for him to walk or speak. As time went by, Vee and Ben became best friends. They'd eat lunch together, and when the topic of prom came up, Vee told Ben she'd go with him "when pigs fly."

Vee's senior prom is this May, and she knew exactly who to ask. She arranged to make her "promposal" during a pep rally so the entire school could see it. First, friends wheeled a surprised Ben to the middle of the gym. Then other students brought out a large box, and when they opened it, pink balloons that looked like pigs "flew" up to the top of the gym. That's when Vee came forward and asked Ben to the prom. He said "yes" as the whole school cheered. A video of the "promposal" uploaded to Facebook has gone viral. Vee told BuzzFeed, "I want (Ben) to get that experience. People with disabilities don't get the attention they want." But Ben was the center of attention that day, and the joy on his face was undeniable.

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