Thursday, February 18, 2016

Mom's best Valentine's Day ever!

Emma Schofield, 32, who lives in Newton Abbot, England, recently divorced her husband after six years of marriage. Being single again wasn't easy, especially on Valentine's Day, until her 4-year-old son Max came to her rescue. While they shopped for groceries, he told her to close her eyes and picked a Valentine's card and teddy bear in a gift bag. Then he invited her to dinner at Pizza Express, bringing his jar of pennies to pay for the meal.

                                                                                                                     Credit: SWNS
His table manners were impeccable. He ordered everything and was extremely polite. The entire staff of the restaurant saw how much he cared for his date. He wanted to create a special moment for her. When the waitress finally brought the bill to the table, she had tears in her eyes, and written across the check were the words, "This one is our treat. Love, Pizza Express."  Emma said she brought Max up to be thoughtful, but until now she never realized how thoughtful he'd become. It was her best Valentine's Day ever.

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