Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Cuddle puddle found at pet motel

For more than a week, an Australian shepherd cross named Maggie had been boarding at Barkers Pet Motel in Alberta, Canada, while her parents were away. Her owners got her a few weeks earlier from the Edmonton Humane Society, where she and her weaned puppies were all up for adoption. During her stay at the pet motel, two nine-week-old puppies were booked into a "room" (cage) near her. The motel owners waited until all dogs were settled and then went out for supper. During the meal, they used the live feed on their phone for a video view of the kennel and saw Maggie outside her room, pacing in front of the puppies' room. The puppies needed a mom, and Maggie needed someone to mother.
                                                                                             Barker's Pet Motel / Facebook
After returning from supper, the motel owners let Maggie into the room with the puppies, and quickly realized this met both needs. "They were all so happy to be together," said owner Sandi Aldred, who let the three stay together that night. She said when she checked the next morning, she found them still in the "cuddle puddle" shown above.

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