Wednesday, February 17, 2016

British tram driver goes the extra mile

Mark Feurtado has driven a bus in Nottingham, England, for 12 years, and recently he went the extra mile (literally) to help a confused elderly passenger. She boarded his bus late at night and when he reached the end of the line, she was still in her seat. "I knew I had to gain her trust to get her to speak to me, so I was very polite and constantly asking questions," he told the Nottingham Post.

                                                                                                                   Nottingham Post
When the woman told him where she lived, he knew it was only half-a-mile off his usual route. He radioed the head office for permission to drop her off, and they agreed. Other passengers on the bus were very understanding. When the bus reached her house, Feurtado took her to the door and used his flashlight so she could see where to insert the key. He made sure she got inside safely and locked the door behind her. Craig Spidby, another passenger, said, "the lady was very confused, but Mark helped her beyond the call of duty to be sure she got home."

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