Tuesday, February 2, 2016

How important are mothers to daughters?

Lena Pierce (shown below) is 96 years old. She hadn't seen her daughter for more than 80 years until last month. Why not? In 1933, when she was only 14, Lena gave birth to a baby girl in an Utica, NY, hospital. Teenage Lena named her baby Eva May. She bathed her, changed her diapers and came to love her deeply. But after six months, the State of New York declared Lena unfit to be a mother at such a young age. Eva May was taken away. She was adopted. Her name was changed to Betty Morrell, and she grew up on Long Island as an only child.

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"A lot of times I worried about her and wondered where she was," Lena remembers. "She was growing up and I was growing old." Eventually, after searching for 50 years, Eva May (now Betty) found her birth mother and they reunited last month at an airport in Binghamton, NY. They embraced and held on tight. "Hi, mom," Eva May whispered. "I'm not alone anymore," she said later. "I have a mother, and I have sisters and brothers. It's so wonderful to be together again after all this time."

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