Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The best sleepover ever

Moving is hard on kids. It's especially tough for ill kids who are moved from one hospital to another. First, there's a parade of ambulances. Then there are new windows and doors and faces. So last month, two days after 66 boys and girls were moved from the old Montreal Children's Hospital to the new one, they were treated to the best bedtime party ever, right in the hospital atrium.

Leaving the old hospital for the new one.

All the little patients met on a giant quilted bed. Each one got a stocking cap and a stuffed animal. Adult volunteers wearing clown outfits helped kids get acquainted with the new building. But the best was yet to come. 

Grown-ups at the Montreal Children's Hospital Foundation convinced Orchestre Symponique de Montreal to donate their time and play for free. Wearing stocking caps, the musicians played lullabies by Brahms and Bach. Maestro Kent Nagano said the orchestra hopes "that through these timeless masterpieces of the classic repertoire, we can help ease the transition...and enhance the healing environment."

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