Sunday, June 21, 2015

Not in the police officer's job description

Kazzie Portie of Orange, Texas, graduated from high school on May 31. He is the youngest of five children, and the only one left at home. His folks, Riley and Emily Portie, had talked about his graduation for weeks. They could hardly wait to see him walk across the stage and get his diploma. But on May 24, as they rode together on their motorcycle, they were hit by a drunk driver and killed. Kazzie was home alone when Lt. Eric Ellison rang the doorbell to break the bad news. When Kazzie told Lt. Ellison about his upcoming graduation, the police officer promised to be there. But Kazzie wasn't sure he meant it. "Everyone tells you lots of things to comfort you in a time of distress," he said later.

When Kazzie received his diploma, he got a standing ovation from his class, and his first hug came from Lt. Ellison, who was waiting for him on stage. This police action may not have qualified as network news, but Kazzie's older brother Blake shared a video of the emotional moment on Facebook, where it's been viewed nearly 170,000 times.

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