Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Reward for a life well lived

Do you know a story of a life well lived? Maybe it's your life, or the life of a friend? Can you describe it in a 250 word essay? If so, you might win the home of your dreams. Tim and Deanna Railing own a 6,000 square-foot luxury cabin with an indoor pool on several acres near Columbus, Indiana, and they're going to give it to you if you write the winning essay. "Someone who didn't expect ever in their lifetime to have this come true for them is going to," Deanna said.

Your next house?

Why reward a life well lived? When he was a teenager, Tim was paralyzed in a skiing accident, but since then he's found joy in his family and his career. "So often tragedies strike and you don't know when they are going to happen," Deanna explained. "We thought if we got enough support from people around the country, we could change someone's world for the better."

The Railings can't afford to give the house away for nothing. The contest has an entry fee. Each essay must include a check for $150. Unless 4,500 essays are submitted, the fee will be returned and the contest cancelled. The deadline for submission is November 16. To read all the rules and see more photos of the house, visit  Maybe it's time to sharpen your pencil?

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