Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Officer "pumped" to be of service

Today's crumb was contributed by a faithful reader in Columbus, IN, USA, who saw it in her distinguished local paper, The Republic.

A mentally-challenged resident is familiar to many residents of Columbus. He's often seen riding his bicycle through town, picking up aluminum cans and recycling them. That's how he earns money. Police all know him. He waves to them to let them know he's okay. Officer Frank Dickman received a commendation recently for helping this man.

Second shift patrol officer Dickman noticed the man on a city street, but he was not on his bike because it had a flat tire. The officer used his patrol car to transport the man and his bicycle back to the man's neighborhood, and then left. A few minutes later, a witness saw Officer Dickman return with a new tire and inner tube and fix the man's flat tire. He did not report this good deed.

A few days later at a Board of Works meeting, Dickman was identified as the anonymous officer. "Not only did you go above and beyond what is written in your job description, but you did it discreetly without the desire for any recognition," said Chief Jon Rohde, as he commended Dickman.

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