Thursday, June 25, 2015

Feed the hungry, heal the heart

Last April, Officer T.J. Young responded to a disturbance at a home in Denver, Colorado. It was 10:30 in the evening, and the couple was having a hot argument. The problem? They disagreed on how to pay for dinner for their family of four children and one grandfather. None had eaten yet.

Officer Young quickly determined no crime was committed, and the father of the children "removed himself from the situation" to end the argument. But the mother was still worried about how she was going to feed her hungry family. Officer Young's work was done, so he left, but instead of going back to the station, he went to a restaurant; bought meals for everyone in the family with money from his own pocket, and delivered them to the home. His police department posted that "thanks to his generosity all went to bed with full bellies."

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