Friday, June 26, 2015

Another police chase? You decide.

Washington State Trooper Dave Hintz recently came upon a woman traveling on a busy highway, State Road 546, near the town of Lynden. The speed limit is 45 mph, but the driver, who is in her 80s, had gotten lost after going out for coffee. With her pedal on the metal, she was topping five miles per hour on a Rascal electric scooter. Trooper Hintz pulled her over, and asked to see her road map.

View from dash cam.

Together they realized she'd gotten lost and driven her Rascal four miles the wrong way. After turning her in the right direction, Trooper Hintz followed the woman all the way home, with his lights flashing. It took more than an hour, and some passers-by assumed it was the slowest police chase in history. "I wasn't trying to stop her," he explained. "I just treated her the way I would have wanted somebody to treat my mom."

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