Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Feeding hungry children

During the school year all students in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, City Schools receive free breakfast and lunch. School cafeterias also serve free meals during summer vacation, but kids who live too far away can't access these meals. To remedy this, the school district transformed two older busses into rolling cafeterias by removing a few seats and replacing them with tables. Sponsored by the Combating Hunger On Wheels program and painted bright colors, they're called CHOW BUSSES.

"It's not just a bus where they get meals," said school nutrition director Sandy Scheele. "They have someone on that bus that cares about them. They know this is their bus. We don't care if they're from the county, the city, or visiting from out-of-town." Any boy or girl under 18 can get a free meal, and the school expects to serve 90,000 meals to school-age children between May 26 and July 31, when classes resume.

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