Sunday, August 23, 2015

The best father-daughter friendship ever?

What is it about girls and their Dads? Or step-Dads, in special cases? When I became a step-Dad, my daughters were starting first and third grade. Today they're both successful adults, but as they grew up we shared moments I remember fondly -- like the moment my second-grader still needed to hold her tennis racket with two hands, but wanted to volley the ball over the net 100 times, forcing me to return all her random hits to her forehand after a gentle bounce. Whew! Or the morning my fourth-grader came downstairs for a breakfast of Fruity Pebbles. I told her, "Guess what! Last night, Libya invaded Chad." She paused before asking, "Libya Newton John? Who's Chad?"

 The girls and I went to summer camp together; we went trick-or-treating together; we ate donuts together on Saturday mornings and pizza on Saturday nights, shared bedtime stories and seldom missed Sunday School. But I have one regret. Even though one was a tap-dancer and the other a gymnast, we never danced together. I didn't realize this until watching the 5-minute video linked here. Yes, it's sponsored by Quaker Oats and you'll notice some product placement, but please watch it anyway. It touched my heart, and I bet it will touch yours too.

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