Monday, August 10, 2015

As high school football practice begins again in the US

Dear Coach,
I just read your letter to my son and us (his parents) telling of your expectations for athletes on your team. John's mother and I couldn't agree more, since we've long recognized the value of high school athletics. Judging from your record, you understand the game well, and that's important. But there's another phase of coaching that's even more important. Let me explain. John's mother and I are loaning you our most prized possession. During the next four years, our son will make you one of our prime dinner table conversations. He'll tell us about your emotional half-time talk when you came from behind to beat Rivaltown. We'll hear about how you can still pass and kick the football. While we hear this, our son's eyes will shine. You see, Coach, he'll idolize you.

                                                                                                                                   Courtesy photo

Kids don't have many heroes anymore. Some professional athletes sell their souls for a buck. Some coaches make negative news. You're our son's hero. We're relying on you. His muscles are nearly developed but his mind is still impressionable, so your responsibility is great. He'll never forget you, Coach, so impress him with courage to do his best!

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