Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Indiana State Police incident

Dwayne Ellrich probably knew he was exceeding the speed limit on I-65 last month, especially when he saw the flashing lights of a state police car in his rear view mirror. Dwayne was taking his daughter Ashley to a Special Olympics event where she would be a participant. They were both nervous when Trooper Darrick Scott approached their car. Would they get a ticket, or a warning?

                                                                                                       Dwayne Ellrich/Facebook          

"When I pulled them over, I could see they were both uncomfortable," said Scott. "I wanted to make them more relaxed, so I went over to Ashley's window and gave her my hat." He offered to make her a state trooper for five minutes, and told her it was her duty to decide if her Dad should get a ticket. He recalled that "she thought about it, and then surprised me by saying yes."

But Scott didn't give her Dad a ticket. Instead, "I read him the warning and added that Ashley would be monitoring his speed." Later, Dwayne posted the incident on Facebook, crediting the trooper with reminding him to hit the brakes. "There are some great cops out there," he wrote. An ISP public information officer replied with a Facebook post, "We are extra glad that Ashley is on our side!"

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