Wednesday, August 26, 2015

He played his game right

Malyk Bonnet, 17, of Montreal, Canada may have saved a kidnapped woman's life earlier this month, just by following a hunch. On his way home from work, he noticed a couple fighting at his bus stop. "The guy was screaming at her," Bonnet said, so he moved in closer and the couple asked him for help with bus fare to the nearby town of Laval. Concerned for the woman's safety, Bonnet said he lived in Laval too and rode with them, befriending the man along the way. "I played my game," said Bonnet, "and he seemed to trust me." Bonnet didn't know the man was the girl's ex-boyfriend and had taken her against her will. Friends had reported her missing.

                                                                                                                                    Courtesy photo

When they arrived in Laval, Bonnet offered to buy the couple dinner at a local restaurant and gave them a gift of $50. Then he borrowed a cell phone from a stranger (his battery was dead) and called police. When the alleged kidnapper saw him on the phone, he became suspicious, but relaxed when Bonnet said he was just calling a cab. The man was shocked when police arrived a few minutes later. Bonnet was relieved the woman wasn't hurt. "We made eye-contact and she had tears in her eyes," he said. "She was really happy." So were the police. They took up a collection to reimburse him for the money he doled out to keep the couple in his sights, and called him a hero. Bonnet's mother is proud of her son's bravery. "She told me she's going to tell my kids about this one day," he said. "I'm just a normal guy, but I played my game right."

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