Thursday, August 6, 2015

Sometimes kindness can change a life

Sometimes simple kindness can make a giant difference in a child's life. It happened recently to a little boy in Wisconsin. Brock suffers with Autism and impulsivity control issues. He's making progress, but he seldom smiles. His goal is life is to be a policeman, and he broke into a grin one day when his Mom went to the police station to pay a parking ticket. One of the officers made the effort to show Brock around the station, smiling all the time. He patiently answered all Brock's questions, like "why do cops have refrigerators?" Before leaving the station, Brock told the officer he was his hero. But what Brock wanted most of all was a photo of himself with a policeman, to hang on the wall of his room. Now he has one, and here's how it happened.

                                                                                                                           Courtesy photo

About three weeks later, an officer and his dog responded to a call in Brock's neighborhood. Believe it or not, Brock waited patiently for about an hour until the officer was finished. Then he started to approach the officer. He got scared and hesitated a few times, but kept going, saying "Oh my gosh, I'm really doing this, Mom!" Mustering all his courage, he asked Officer Morgel for a photo, along with K-9 officer Riko. Because officer Morgel was incredibly patient and truly listened to Brock instead of brushing him off, Brock has his dream photo, and is smiling more every day.

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