Thursday, August 20, 2015

Maybe we should all do this?

Brooke Oacha of Texas went to a restaurant for lunch this month and saw an elderly lady approaching from a distance, so she paused and held the door open for her. The lady thanked Brooke, and then asked the hostess for a "table for one." Brooke hesitated a moment, but then gathered her courage and approached the lady. She said, "I'm eating by myself too. Would you like to have lunch together?" The older woman was thrilled. Here they are.

                                                                                                           Courtesy photo
The lady's name is Delores. She lived with her Mom and her aunt for the past ten years, but her Mom recently passed away and her aunt was put in a nursing home. She's had a hard time being alone. They had a wonderful talk over lunch. According to Brooke, "she just kept smiling and saying 'thank you' and listening to me, which made me smile too. Her words healed my heart as much as I healed her lonely one. (Asking to join her for lunch) was the best decision I've made all year!!!" But there's more. Brooke and Delores plan to have lunch together every Thursday from now on.

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