Sunday, August 9, 2015

A crumb from the Turkish Syrian border

So far, Turkey has welcomed nearly two million refugees from Syria. Four thousand are camping in the Turkish city of Kilis, near the Syrian border. Turks in Kilis see the refugees every day, and know how hard it is to be homeless. Some local residents have decided to help by inviting their Syrian brothers to attend Turkish wedding suppers.  When Fethullah Uzumcuoglu and his bride Esra Polat got married in Kilis in July, they invited Syrian refugees to eat with them.

                                                                                                                                   Photo: @kimseyokmu
The couple pooled the money received from their families to host a party for refugees living in the city. According to the groom's father, "God willing, this will lead others to do the same and give food to our Syrian brothers and sisters. For us, it was an interesting wedding dinner." The groom said, "Seeing the happiness in the eyes of the refugee children was just priceless. We started our journey to happiness by making others happy, and that's a great thing." He added that his friends were so inspired that they hope to do the same thing at their wedding celebrations.

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