Saturday, August 29, 2015

Great-grandmother leaves no child unfed

Gray's Harbor County (in the state of Washington) is financially depressed. Many residents depend on government help to feed themselves and their children. So when the schools announced they could not provide free or reduced-price lunch during summer vacation, a great-grandmother named Phyllis Shaughnessy and a group of volunteers took action. After holding a fundraiser, they launched a free summertime lunch service to feed more than 200 hungry children.

                                                                                                                           Photo by KING News
Each morning this summer, the ladies met at the Green Lantern Tavern to pack non-perishable food items. Then they fanned out to deliver the lunches to grateful kids. Now that children are back in school, most have access to the FDA-approved school lunch, but Phyllis and her friends aren't quitting. They'll continue their program on weekends and holidays throughout the year because they know they're delivering more than food. "You're delivering the children hope and love and a lunch," said Phyllis. "They need to know someone cares."

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